Suggests the player pointed to by id is a good player. When commended, the IP address, reason, and target SteamID will be logged. A single IP gets 3 commends per day. Multiple commends within a short period from a similar IP will be ignored.

Current Version



Name Type Required Description
id uint64 Yes The Steam ID of the target player
reason enum Yes Reason for this report. Valid options are "leader", "teacher", "kind"
type enum No (Default json) The return type desired. Valid options are "lua", "json", "xml", and "yaml"


Name Type Description
error_code uint8 Specific error code. See the error list
error_string string Error string. See the error list
commend_leader uint32 The number of leader commends.
commend_teacher uint32 The number of teacher commends.
commend_kind uint32 The number of kind commends.
id string (uint64) A copy of the id value passed in.